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Interpreting Together

I-PAL 2023

Heritage Interpretation
Latin America and the Caribbean

Heritage Interpretation for Latin America and the Caribbean I-PAL, it is established to support the efforts of Heritage Interpreters in Latin America and the Caribbean, providing tools for the development and recognition of their work in the design of interpretive programs in museums, national parks, zoos, botanical gardens, aquariums, historical sites, theme parks, aviaries, planetariums and other related sites and demonstrate that interpreting is a profession that requires research, standards and organisational representation.

Image by Tomas Robertson
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How to take part?

Become a member of the I-PAL Network

The I-PAL network is an international community of professionals who promote the adoption of lines of work, training processes and best practices in interpreting our Heritage.

Events and Continuous Education

Participate in events and benefit from accessible and continuous training experience, in person and online.

Acquire professional certifications and accreditations from recognized organizations.

Strategic collaboration

I-PAL makes spaces available for interdisciplinary collaboration and values each contribution; in addition, I-PAL provides support and tools for communication among its entire network of members.

Membership Advantages

Provides professional networking opportunities

Recognition of the experience in Interpretation

Promotes cultural diversity and interdisciplinarity

Provides opportunities for growth and actualisation

Increase efficiency in visibility and communication 

Develop professional credibility

I-PAL Membership

An organization is a direct reflection of its members, and I-PAL prides itself on representing an exceptional community.


I-PAL members have access to online resources and a network of international colleagues; they receive continuing education opportunities and recognition for their achievements in the field of Heritage Interpretation.


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