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I-PAL promotions

Active Members 2023

The I-PAL network of Heritage Interpretation professionals for Latin America and the Caribbean recognizes this member as a Heritage Interpreter and offers the following benefits and promotions.

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I-PAL Recognition

Each participation in I-PAL activities is counted to grant recognitions, corresponding certificates and discounts.

  1. Sign Up

    • 1. Login to direct your activities to your account. If you are not already a member, sign up become part of the I-PAL network of professionals by completing the application form to make every participation count. The form is in the menu - Professional Network "I-PAL Network Affiliation" 2. Activate your additional Benefits+ to obtain special promotions and discounts.

  2. Every Participation Counts

    • Mentor & I-Pal Jr

      Get 1 HRS

    • Podcast Conversaciones

      Get 1 HRS

    • Sign up to the site

      Get 1 HRS

  3. Get attestations and discounts

    • I-PM_WINTER23

      10 HRS = 10% off for "I-PM Multimedia"

    • I-PP_WINTER23

      10 HRS = 10% off for "I-PP Personal"

    • I-P_WINTER23

      10 HRS = 10% off for "I-P Intérprete"

    • I-PMT_WINTER23

      10 HRS = 10% off for "I-PMT Master"

    • I-PIN_WINTER23

      10 HRS = 5% off for "I-PIN Institucional"

Standard + Pro

I-P Interpreter

For students, hosts and interpreters who start and/or offer occasional, versatile and/or additional interpretation of the visitor service.

Benefits included + Access + Invitations + Discounts:

  • Professional Network I-PAL. Professional profiles, messages and chats of members and mobile application (I-PAL spaces).

  • Events calendar. Reservation and registration area for conferences, congresses, conferences and seminars, weekly live podcast (face-to-face, virtual and hybrid events)

  • Training and Professional Certification Calendar. Area of workshops, classes, I-PAL Jr mentoring program, courses, face-to-face, virtual and hybrid.

  • Promotions. Recognition for collaborations and participation in agreements with associated organizations and institutions.

  • I-PAL Online Resources. Library, I-PAL blog, gallery, glossary, I-Learning (asynchronous courses), forum, live podcast and previous weeks, online store and video library.

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