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Careers and promotions

Because at I-PAL we are committed to the adequate promotion and professionalization of the interpretation of natural and cultural heritage, we make available professional offers, additional memberships, invitation to calls, projects and promotions of associated organizations that are also members of the I-PAL Network. PAL

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InterpatMx Membership


From I-PP interpreters with Benefits+ 

  • Group of professionals in heritage interpretation committed to improving the relationship that people have with their cultural and natural heritage.

  • Its origin is multidisciplinary, which coincides in the recognition of the power of communication to strengthen the links between people and their heritage, in favor of their enjoyment, conservation and responsible use.

  • Mission: Strengthen heritage interpretation as a profession through the training of interpreters, the link between professionals, the promotion of interpretation in the social, public and private spheres, and research on cultural and natural heritage, as well as on interpretation heritage, in any of the meanings with which the latter is identified and recognized.



Looking for an interpreter?

What better place than a professional network of recognized interpreters. By filling out the form below I-PAL will share the opportunity with its members.


To Know +

Do you want to know more about I-PAL? Do you represent an organisation in Heritage Interpretation?  Contact I-PAL Liaison to provide special access

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