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About I-PAL

We are a network of organizations, students, experts and professionals working in correlation to strengthen and support

to the Interpretation of Heritage in Latin America and the Caribbean.


We believe that the interpretation of natural and cultural heritage enriches our lives by promoting thought-provoking experiences that help transmit knowledge, deepen understanding and establish an intellectual and emotional connection between visitors and their environment.


As a profession focused on communication processes, interpretation reveals the meaning and value of heritage. It encourages actions to benefit the enormous reservoir of natural and cultural resources representing our legacy.

I-PAL aims to promote that the interpretation of natural and cultural heritage is a profession that requires research, standards and organizational representation.


Maintain the highest standards in the performance of our services as interpreters based on diligence, responsibility, humility, respect, honesty and inclusion.  

Encourage growth and continuous education for all, respecting the diversity of cultures, traditions and opinions, and maintaining the unity and neutrality characterising heritage interpreters' work.


Provide support tools to promote best practices in "Planning and Designing Programs for Personal and Non-Personal Interpretation of Natural and Cultural Heritage".


"Promote collaboration to contribute to the professional development of Heritage Interpretation in Latin America and the Caribbean."

I-PAL proposes goals aimed at inducing the development of collaboration strategies and promoting organisational structures where efforts are coordinated for the progress of the interpretation of natural and cultural heritage in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Promote best practices in the interpretation of heritage and provide a community/network for communication of opportunities for growth and collaboration.


Support and train interpreters by providing them with the necessary tools to strengthen their skills and encourage recognition of their important work.


More than 40 years of experience with a multidisciplinary team of professionals in the field of heritage interpretation, encompassing nature, culture, art, history, science and technology.  


Our work reflects a synergy between tradition and innovation, using technology while adhering to the original pillars and principles of heritage interpretation.

Thanks to the wide variety of backgrounds and experiences, the I-PAL leadership can be shaped as it develops and brings together more colleagues in the field of Interpretation.

Interpreting Together

I-PAL 2023


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