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Memberships and Benefits

I-PAL represents a network of international de organizations, students, experts and professionals that promote best practices on the important work of Interpreting Heritage.

Be a part by following the affiliation process, using your benefits and actively participating in the efforts to strengthen and develop our profession.

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Benefits Standard Included

I. Apply

The network eligibility process does not require payment.

Subscription to Benefits+ is optional

and when you decide

Accesses are Included in all memberships.

  • Events calendar. Reservation and registration area for conferences, congresses, seminars, and weekly live podcasts. (In-person, virtual and hybrid events)

  • Training and Professional Certification Calendar. Area of workshops, classes, face-to-face, virtual and hybrid courses.

  • I-PAL Online Resources. Blog, I-Learning courses, gallery, glossary, online store, and video library.

  • Profile Profesional I-PAL. Creation of profile, URL and QR code, digital ID, publication of professional bio, contact information and social networks links.

Standard + Pro

I-P Interpreter

For students, hosts and interpreters who start and/or offer occasional, versatile and/or additional interpretation of the visitor service.

Benefits included + Access + Invitations + Discounts:

  • Professional Network I-PAL. Professional profiles, messages and chats of members and mobile application (I-PAL spaces).

  • Events calendar. Reservation and registration area for conferences, congresses, conferences and seminars, weekly live podcast (face-to-face, virtual and hybrid events)

  • Training and Professional Certification Calendar. Area of workshops, classes, I-PAL Jr mentoring program, courses, face-to-face, virtual and hybrid.

  • Promotions. Recognition for collaborations and participation in agreements with associated organizations and institutions.

  • I-PAL Online Resources. Library, I-PAL blog, gallery, glossary, I-Learning (asynchronous courses), forum, live podcast and previous weeks, online store and video library.

II. Revision

The Steering Committee reviews and grants the corresponding badges to identify the members and associates accordingly to the type of participation in I-PAL and in the Interpretation field.

The name given to each level of membership refers mainly to the type of benefits that I-PAL offers its members according to its mission and its own interests, it does not represent or intend to replace official certifications or accreditations.

The IPAL steering committee reserves the right to accept, decline or remove any member for any reason that does not represent and / or does not comply with the operating principles and internal regulations of the IPAL Professional Network.


III. Participation

I-PAL welcomes you! 

  • We are ready to contribute to the growth of our profession. 

  • You will receive preferential invitations to participate in I-PAL activities, conversations, work meetings and more.

Payment Information-pana IPAL_edited.png

IV. Benefits+ 

You can activate theBenefits+when subscribing to the annual plan corresponding to your membership. Activation can be done when it seems most convenient. 

  • To activate the Benefits+ you can make the payment online for one year, with bank cards, by PayPal or by bank transfer.

  • Prices are in Euros (€) since the I-PAL technology headquarters are in France.

  • Your payment receipt will be sent by email. If you need an invoice, please send an email with the billing information to

  • You will receive the activation validation document by email and you will have access immediately.

To Know +

Do you want to know more about I-PAL? Do you represent an organisation in Heritage Interpretation?  Contact I-PAL Liaison to provide special access

  • Make an appointment / Prendre rendez-vous / Marque uma consulta

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