I-PAL Network Affiliation

I-PAL is an International Network of Heritage Interpreters.

Being a member implies going hand in hand with the I-PAL Network to contribute to the efforts to strengthen Interpreting as a profession, inspire the development of skills and achieve a positive impact in practice.


The affiliation process is simple but organized in such a way that I-PAL can provide better support and services more suited to your interests. Does not require payment.

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Only for future members of the
I-PAL Network

We only collect your personal data for review, communication and to provide you with the benefits of your membership. All information is kept completely secure and is non-transferable.

Your data entered in this form is only accessible to the IPAL Steering Committee.


By filling out and submitting this form IPAL implies your agreement to provide your basic information and if your membership is approved, the creation of your member profile in the IPAL Network.


We need some information to start your affiliation process:

Languages in which you prefer to communicate and interact with the IPAL Network

This is getting more interesting

Whats Next?

The decision made by the I-PAL committee will be communicated to you by email indicating the following:


Approved Application - You are granted your I-PAL Network membership, the corresponding status and the option to activate the additional benefits.

No payment is required, the activation of the additional benefits is optional, without obligation and you decide when to proceed with the activation.

Pending Application - You will be asked to provide additional information before your membership can be approved. In this eventuality, you will be offered advice on specific areas in your application that require further attention.  


Declined Application - You are informed of the precise reasons why your request does not correspond to the possibility of collaboration for the fulfilment of the mission of the I-PAL network.


Once your membership is activated, you will receive a validation email and instructions to participate in I-PAL activities.

If you have any questions or would like to receive advice on how to complete the form, please contact the link address in charge of Gabriela Plumasseau, who is part of the Red IPAL steering committee.


Their contact details are:

gabby.plum@i-pal.net or contact the office numbers.


I-PAL appreciates your interest and rests assured that we greatly value each contribution of the members, we hope that I-PAL can provide you with a serious space for collaboration and the recognition you deserve for your important work as Heritage Interpreter.