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Pre-Registration Form

This form will help us keep you informed and customize the training experience to best meet the needs and expectations of I-PAL members.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to improve your skills and knowledge as a heritage interpreter. Complete the pre-registration form now and secure your place in the next training course.

Professional Development

Upcoming I-PAL Network Training Courses

We only collect your personal data to send you information regarding training courses and the calendar. All information is kept completely secure and is non-transferable.

Your data entered in this form is only accessible to the I-PAL Steering Committee.


Filling out and submitting this pre-registration form will allow us to collect important information and level of expertise on the topic of the course. This will help us customize the workshop experience to suit your needs and expectations.


I. We need some basic data

In case you are not a member please continue with the following questions, at the end you will be able to find how to apply.


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